Beauty & Diversity 2024: Market & Consumer Insights - Part 1

Theresa Yee

This two-part report will help beauty and wellness brands understand how to develop products for diverse audiences and create more inclusive marketing and social campaigns.

Part 1 focuses on what's happening currently in the beauty diversity space with consumer insights and data, plus the key considerations all beauty brands must think about when developing products for diverse communities.

This report is part of the diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry series, which includes the following:

  • Beauty & Diversity 2024: market & consumer insights - part 1 - HERE
  • Beauty & Diversity 2024: brands & product trends - part 2 - HERE
  • Accessible Beauty: the new priority in inclusivity - HERE
  • Age-Inclusive Beauty - in progress

Market Insights

Bridging the skin colour research gap 

woman holding her sunglasses
Photo by Mike Von / Unsplash

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