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Maggie Spicer
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Everything You Need to Know About The US Green Guides

The Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (known commonly as the “Green Guides”) is the set of guidelines established by the US Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”) to help marketers avoid claims that are unfair or deceptive.

Olivia Santoni
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UK Environmental Claims Legislative and Regulatory Landscape

As we shift towards a circular economy and a more environmentally conscious consumer, the demand for products that have a lesser or even beneficial impact on the planet has dramatically increased. Whilst this is a change for good, some ‘green claims’ practices have led to  greenwashing and misleading claims. The

Eva Lagarde
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Sustainability beauty and regulations/restrictions for packaging

The noose is tightening around beauty brands, and more precise decisions must be made in terms of product development and marketing claims. In the UK, from April 2022, all plastic packaging that does not contain 30% of PCR content will be taxed £200 per tonne. The tax applies to businesses