Refillable Beauty 2023 - part 1 - Introduction & Definitions

Eva Lagarde

From regulatory constraints to market demand, refillable beauty products are invading the market. They require a shift of paradigm from sourcing, supply chain with production and logistics, as well as retail all the way to recycling.

The legal definition of refillable is available in Chapter 4. Jump here.

The report is released in several parts (for a digestible reading)

  • Introduction and Definitions - HERE
  • Market Figures - HERE
  • Consumer Expectations and Behaviours - HERE
  • Regulations - HERE
  • Brands Innovations in 2022/23 - HERE
  • Brands Case Studies:
    • ArtDeco - Refillable Native Beauty Brand - HERE
    • Pharma-Recharge - a refillable fountain in pharmacies in France - HERE
    • L'Occitane - coming soon
    • Jean Bouteille - coming soon
  • Conclusion & Key Takeaways - in progress

The most common ways products are developed to be refillable are:

  • Recharge or Refill in-store
  • Deposit Scheme
  • Eco-refill or Eco-recharge

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