Refillable Beauty 2023 - part 2 - Market Figures
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Refillable Beauty 2023 - part 2 - Market Figures

Eva Lagarde

The report is released in several parts (for a digestible reading)

  • Introduction and Definitions - HERE
  • Market Figures - HERE
  • Consumer Expectations and Behaviours - HERE
  • Regulations - HERE
  • Brands Innovations in 2022/23 - HERE
  • Brands Case Studies:
    • ArtDeco - Refillable Native Beauty Brand - HERE
    • Pharma-Recharge - a refillable fountain in pharmacies in France - HERE
    • L'Occitane - coming soon
    • Jean Bouteille - coming soon
  • Conclusion & Key Takeaways - in progress

The NPD group conducted a survey in 2022 about refillable beauty in France in the UK which gives us a good indication of the global market impact if we extrapolate findings.

Refillable beauty in France

“ Sales of refills and refillable selective beauty products in France jumped 50% between January and October 2022, compared to the same period in 2021 ” according to a report by The NPD Group. The segment was “ estimated to be worth €158 million over this 10-month period and has outperformed the overall selective beauty market, which gained 20% between January and the end of October 2022 compared to 2021.” 

The relative exponential growth compared to other segments of beauty can be explained by two factors: 

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