Refillable Beauty 2023 - part 3 - Consumers Expectations & Attitudes
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Refillable Beauty 2023 - part 3 - Consumers Expectations & Attitudes

Eva Lagarde

The report is released in several parts (for a digestible reading)

  • Introduction and Definitions - HERE
  • Market Figures - HERE
  • Consumer Expectations and Behaviours - HERE
  • Regulations - HERE
  • Brands Innovations in 2022/23 - HERE
  • Brands Case Studies - in progress
  • Conclusion & Key Takeaways - in progress

We've been listening, reading, and watching what is happening on social media to understand what consumers think about refillable beauty. We saw more discussions surrounding packaging and the waste associated with it, so here is a snapshot of what people make of refillable packaging.

The market trends

A recent survey by Global Data (published Dec. 2022) reveals that  Most consumers (67%) find packaging that is refillable/reusable to be extremely or quite important, even more so than plastic free packaging (64%) which has been in the spotlight in recent years.

Also, Many consumers wish to only purchase from brands whose practices align with their own personal beliefs and values, for example, their desire to mitigate their carbon footprint.

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