ARTDECO, a refill-native make-up brand?
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ARTDECO, a refill-native make-up brand?

Eva Lagarde

This Case Study is part of a report about Refillable Beauty released in several parts (for a digestible reading)

  • Introduction and Definitions - HERE
  • Market Figures - HERE
  • Consumer Expectations and Behaviours - HERE
  • Regulations - HERE
  • Brands Innovations in 2022/23 - HERE
  • Brands Case Studies:
    • L'Occitane en Provence - in progress
  • Conclusion & Key Takeaways - in progress

Founded in 1985 by Helmut Baurecht in Munich, the German family-run make-up brand, ARTDECO had always included refillable palettes in its product portfolio. From the inception of the affordable luxury colour brand offered consumers the opportunity to tailor their make-up palettes.

The brand offers premium makeup at affordable prices, making luxurious products accessible to people everywhere for an affordable luxury.

With more than 800 employees the exclusive makeup range is sold in 65 countries around the world, in around 7,500 makeup stores and spas, as well as 7,500 perfume boutiques and 300 leading department stores.

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