It's coming
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It's coming

Eva Lagarde

I don't know if you read what I mentioned in my last article of 2022, but I found that accessible beauty didn't make much progress last year.

Brands are proving me wrong. 2023 is starting with a bang!  A few innovations have been released in the last two weeks.

You may wonder what accessible beauty has to do with sustainability? Well, the definition of sustainability encompasses the need to look after People, Planet and Profit (or Prosperity as we prefer to call it, for it has a broader meaning). For more details, you can read our definition here. So, sustainability is not just about carbon emission, but also about care for the people. If we make beauty more diverse, we make it less exclusive and less elitist and offer more options and choices to everyone. Choice is freedom. Choice offers a better life.

So here are two examples of accessible beauty innovations:

  • Estée Lauder has released an audio app for people with visual impairment that "analyses the makeup on a user’s face to assess uniformity, boundaries of application and coverage".
  • L'Oréal with its Lancôme brand has developed a special tool for make-up application for people with limited hand and arm mobility. " The device uses AI-enabled stabilization tech that was originally developed for Liftware" explains Fast Company.

We hope that it's only the beginning of these inclusive innovations!

Eva Lagarde


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