Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024: UK & Northern Europe

Theresa Yee

Our Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024 report is part of a series of reports that explores how consumers view beauty and sustainability around the globe. 

This report focuses on the UK market and Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark). It includes consumer data and insights as well as highlights local beauty brands that are innovating in the beauty sustainability space.

Our Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024 report is released in eight parts covering different regions around the world:

  • Latin America - HERE
  • Asia-Pacific - HERE + Malaysia - HERE
  • UK & Northern Europe (below article) HERE
  • Southern Europe - HERE
  • Western Europe - coming soon
  • Central & Eastern Europe - coming soon
  • North America - coming soon
  • Middle East & Africa - coming soon

Sustainable Initiatives & Priorities: Snapshot

Regions: UK & Northern Europe

Five key markets will be covered in this report:


Market Insights

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