Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024: LATAM
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Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024: LATAM


This report will outline how four key markets (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) across the LATAM region are responding to climate change in the face of economic uncertainty.

An overview of consumers’ beauty buying behaviours and some of the leading sustainable brands will be analysed with a view to understanding the perception of sustainability within the beauty category across Latin America.

This report was created in collaboration with beauty intelligence & ideation agency In-Trend.


LATAM Key Insights:

  • Rich in natural resources and one of the most biodiverse regions in the world with a high impact risk from climate change.
  • Consumer efforts to shop sustainably are under pressure as post-pandemic economic and social pressures are making them more price-sensitive.
  • Water scarcity and climate change are the top concerns, shortly followed by water waste and water pollution.
  • Waste management is a tangible issue: ‘El Basurero’ is a neighbourhood-sized garbage dump - this issue encourages refillables, reusable packaging and recycling among younger generations.
There is growing eco-positivity across the region - 61% feel they can make a difference with action (71% in Central America)
  • However, it is significant to note the value-action gap is more prevalent in times of economic uncertainty. The recycling rate is still low across the region (0-15%).
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  • There is an emerging interest in circular solutions for the beauty industry, particularly in Chile and Costa Rica.
  • Packaging manufacturers are increasingly exploring sustainable solutions such as C-Pack in Brazil.
  • Besides Brazil, Mexico and Chile, Inkwood Research analysts note that Colombia and Argentina are “enjoying growing beauty sales, boosted by an expanding middle class and a cultural fascination with looking good”.  
  • Mexico, Colombia and Brazil sit in 13th, 21st and 35th on the global sustainability index – significantly higher than the USA (197th) but in line with European countries in the top 50 (UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and more).

Sustainable Initiatives & Priorities: Snapshot

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