Consumer & Sustainability Perceptions 2024: APAC

Theresa Yee

This report takes a deep dive into the APAC market and explores how Asian consumers in Japan, South Korea, China and India view beauty and sustainability. It will include data and insights around buying behaviours as well as examples of local brands leading in the beauty sustainability space.

This report was created in partnership with trend analysis, innovation and forecasting agency Asia Cosme Lab.


APAC Key Insights:

  • Sustainable omni-presence: green and sustainable initiatives are thriving in Asia, especially regarding new recycling projects.
  • As sustainability is rising as an important purchasing factor for Asian consumers, brands are pushing various themes and claims such as paper packaging, reduced CO2 emission, biodegradability of the formula, and smart farm-sourced actives.
  • 300+ homegrown Indian clean beauty brands with eco-friendly attitude, in 2022.

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