Packaging Trends - a consumer view - Part 1

Packaging Trends - a consumer view - Part 1

Joanne Bell

This is a 4-part report

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What do consumers think about sustainability? What are the emerging trends in packaging that can deliver on sustainability and competitive brand value? What are the consumer barriers to sustainable behaviour and how can brands help overcome them?


In this topic, the SDGs that are applicable and targets are:

This article has been written in partnership with Joanne Bell:


Concern about climate change is now mainstream. A University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute Digital News report(1) finds nearly 7 in 10 people think climate change is a ‘very, or extremely serious'. A huge shift from just over half in a comparative Pew Center study in 2015.
There are, however, large variations, geographically and by political orientation. In Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands, only around half (or less!) think it’s a severe issue compared to 90% of respondents in Chile, Kenya and South Africa. In the US 89% of people self-identify as Left-wing think that versus only 18% for Right-wingers. And broadly true on a global basis.

Understanding local perspectives and realities is critical for brand success.

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