Sustainable Packaging Innovations: Brands - part 4 Recover
Photo by Mason Unrau / Unsplash

Sustainable Packaging Innovations: Brands - part 4 Recover

Theresa Yee

Beauty and wellness brands are rethinking and redesigning “greener” packaging solutions with refillable formats and using renewable or upcycled materials in new and interesting ways.

This 4-part series of reports highlights all the most innovative and interesting packaging concepts launched in the last 12 months from mass to luxury brands, split into the 4R’s:

Part four, Recover, focuses on next generation materials such as mycelium and packaging made from upcycled contents.

Compostable or Biodegradable Packaging

Mirror Water

Mirror Water

Mirror Water has developed a fully biodegradable box from Mycelium, a material derived from mushrooms and mixed with agricultural by-products. 

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