Logistock is revolutionising in-store stock for increased consumer experience
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Logistock is revolutionising in-store stock for increased consumer experience

Eva Lagarde

Left without a viable professional option during the Covid crisis, Alexis Bourget - founder of Logistock - ventured into pharmacies, and decided to develop a system to improve stock management and shelves turnaround in order to increase consumers' experience. With its system, shelves can be replenished and stock can be managed in real time thanks to a digital prowess.

What has it got to do with sustainability you may ask. We think that better stock management, means less waste and increased productivity / efficiency for brick and mortar, and increased experience for consumers.

The world of French  pharmacy

On Thursday afternoon (yesterday), we visited the famous Pharmacie Carré Opéra sitting behind Galeries Lafayette, in the Opéra area. In the industry, it is said “ once you make it here, you can make it anywhere”.

This pharmacy in the centre of Paris is the epitome of French Pharmacy. Boasting 23 000 references and two floors across many square metres, this store is a heaven for Parisians and tourists alike who are shopping for beauty items. 

Smart tech

When visiting the store we stumbled upon a pricing label indicating “ product available in reserve”, and we wondered what the technology was about, knowing that stock management in-store was not that straightforward.

Then we met Alexis who is currently setting up the system in a four-week process at Pharmacie Carré Opéra. Logistock maps out the store and its shelving, as well as the reserve. Helping employees quickly locate items for shelf replenishment.

The start-up started in 2021 after an experience in Pharmacie Gardette in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Working there Alexis quickly realised that the stock management was not optimum and figured out a way to improve shelving with existing technology.

Alexis Bourget - Founder of Logistock

He went on to measure items (exact primary or secondary packaging size for shelving) and store exact shelving and surface to map out a very precise picture of the store and its goods. Pharmacy sector  runs stock using 5 to 7 different software depending on the location and owners choice of technology. Logistock comes on top of this and is tweaking existing softwares to provide more details such as location of the shelf in store + location of item in the store reserve.

It sounds simpler than it looks. Although it took months of development, the system is now ready for deployment into pharmacies across France. The start-up has officially launched in April 2023.

Improved store traffic

The system is now automated and brands can directly provide packaging measurement. Shelving is managed in real-time allowing for:

  • Save time in store both for staff and customers
  • Real-time stock management
  • Streamline customer processes
  • Less waste - better for the environment 

The digital labelling in-store also indicated the number of units in store, in reserve and under order, here with the 3 figures at the bottom of the label: 5-1 / 0 / 7.

Ths system calculates the exact product required at each location, and implies that the shelf should not be overstocked.

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