PERS or when quiet luxury branches out into skincare

PERS or when quiet luxury branches out into skincare

Eva Lagarde

P.E.R.S - which stands for Protect, Enhance, Repair, Stimulate - is the new French skincare brand that aims to bring routine essentials to optimum potency. The range is composed of only 7 products in a 4-step routine and offers a sunscreen gel all the way to a retinol serum.

Everyday essentials

The skincare line has been created to offer a simple, yet effective everyday beauty ritual. Called the PERS protocol it aims to educate consumers back into the simplicity of care. The  “ PERS protocol is a 4-step skin care classification system. Designed to be universal, it enables everyone to organise their skincare products and intuitively understand what is necessary and sufficient to reveal beautiful, youthful and healthy skin. “ explains the brand.

The first part of the protocol, P for Protect, is meant every morning with a “Vitamin C Serum 10%”, followed by a “SPF50+ Sun Protection Gel”, and an “Eye Cream” (if necessary).

The second step, E for Enhance, is the everyday moisturiser to give glow to the skin with “Bonne Mine Balm”, or for a simple beauty touch-up.

The third and fourth steps are in alternance in the evening, with R for Repair and S for Stimulate. Repair is done with replenishing the optimal environment for deep regeneration with the “Rich Cream ”.  Stimulate is executed with a “Retinol Concentrate Serum” to accelerate the cell renewal process and reduce the signs of ageing.

Sophie-Lisa Prêcheur & Quentin Douce - co-founders of PERS
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Rooted in beauty

The brands launched in early October 2023, and has been inspired by French Dermatological treatment protocol. It has been created by beauty professionals, namely Sophie-Lisa Prêcheur - with experience at Estée Lauder with brands like Killian and Parfums Frédrique Malle - , and Quentin Douce with past experiences in La Prairie or Lancôme (L’Oréal).

“ The PERS protocol has been corroborated by a committee of aesthetic doctors and dermatologists who confirm the virtues of a treatment protocol such as that offered by PERS.” explained the founders.

PERS is bringing science and medical knowledge to the beauty market with a simple routine to bring an end to “skincare fatigue” with the endless lists of skincare products targeted to consumers. "PERS is the new "prescription" skincare in 4 steps, derived from a medical protocol for high efficacy," claims the brand in its communications at Le Bon Marché.

Not just about efficacy

The brand was developed over two years, and is made in France with an average of over 90% of natural ingredients in each product. Alongside efficacy, PERS has worked on an experiential routine with a fragranced line, ensuring safe and minimal dosage of fragrance to limit any risk of allergy.

The path to good health lies in an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day. Hippocrates

The PERS brand worked with Sidonie Lancesseur, a perfumer from Robertet, to create the signature scent for PERS products. "I wanted to create a light fragrance that was both medical and unique. A Proust's madeleine of skincare, reminding us of the gentle subtle scent left by the creams of yesteryear, whose legacy is still with us today, without detracting from its effectiveness." Sidonie Lancesseur.
It results in an aromatic bouquet of rosemary and pink berry essences gives the products an almost medicinal feel. The fragrance leaves a trail of white musk on the skin, evoking purity, a clean, fresh dimension; and a note of sandalwood, slightly vintage, which provokes a certain afterglow of a sweet memory, an unchanging presence.

"We wanted a PERS fragrance with a distinctive identity, designed to add a sense of pleasure to the use of our skincare products, and to encourage perseverance, a necessary principle if you want to reveal more beautiful skin, for longer," expresses Sophie-Lisa Prêcheur.

Currently distributed in exclusivity at Le Bon Marché, in Paris, the brand is expanding into selective pharmacies and is developing international expansion towards the end of 2024.

Come and meet co-founder Sophie-Lisa Precheur in person at MakeUp in Paris - May 29-30th - Register HERE