Mimétique or using biomimetics to enhance the skin properties

Mimétique or using biomimetics to enhance the skin properties

Eva Lagarde

Mimétique is the French skincare brand that works on imitating the skin's natural activity so it can regenerate it. It's the new generation of French dermocosmetics 3.0 using the concept of biomimetism.

Backed by science, MIMÉTIQUE is changing the codes of traditional cosmetics with its responsible scientific approach, and its concept of biomimicry applied to the skin: SKIN mimetism, hence the name mimétique.

The brand targets skin care junkies looking for effective and clinical skincare products while taking inspiration from the French pharmacy. Mimétique has developed very peculiar packaging and is using pharmaceutical codes for its packaging design. The branding is bright and simple. Straight to the point. 

Like or Hate it! But we live in a very crowded beauty market, and using packaging as the message is a very smart move to help consumers instantly identify your product on the market. It goes without saying but branding and packaging play an integral role in legitimising a brand, and Mimétique gives us a masterclass in the game.

“And with a healthy dose of “French Touch”. The “French Touch” means buying your products in a chemist's to get expert advice. It's a bit like "medicine for your skin” expresses Fabienne Sebaoun, founder of Mimétique.

Also, we know that after the wave of disaffection towards clean beauty, the new trend is science-backed beauty, and Mimétique is right in the segment.

Over three years of development, founder Fabienne Sebaoun, worked with University AgroParisTech to develop and patent a new formulation complex: SMR-C5 COMPLEX a skin Mimetic Restore Complex.

The exclusive SMR-C5 Complex created by MIMÉTIQUE is made up of 5 active ingredients naturally present in the skin, selected for their ability to strengthen the skin's structure and enable it to maintain its 3 fundamental functions: 

  • support the skin's natural defence systems
  • improve its hydration mechanism and 
  • promote better regeneration.

Mimétique promises maximum effectiveness with minimum impact for healthy, effective biomimetic formulas.

The brand is made in France with ingredients of natural origin or created from nature using green chemistry and biotechnology, the MIMÉTIQUE skincare range is aimed at a conscious and responsible community, adding that it is committed to total transparency regarding the manufacture of its products, the composition of its formulas without controversial ingredients, and the maintenance of fair and affordable prices.

The new beauty range comprises 4 essentials:

  • Cleansing balm - Skin Cloud (40 €uros - 100 ml). It removes make-up, soothes and nourishes the skin.
  • Face serum - Skin Revive (69 €uros - 30 ml). It smoothes, lifts and brightens the skin.
  • Face Cream - Skin Restore (60 €uros - 50 ml). For a firm, plumped and moisturised skin.
  • Face oil - Skin Booster (50 euros - 30 ml). Nourishes, smoothes and illuminates.

Eco-responsible packaging

All packaging is made of glass or aluminium, which are infinitely recyclable. Caps are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). The reusable glass bottles have a transparent lacquer finish that allows optical sorting and recycling.

The Art of Cosmetic Chemistry

Founder, Fabienne Sebaoun, has worked in the beauty industry with Crème de la Mer and then Guerlain. But after moving to Canada for a few years her vision of beauty evolved. Aware of the impact of ingredients on the skin and the environment, she went back to school at the University of Chemistry in Nice.

Fabienne Sebaoun - Founder - Mimétique

Studying skin biology, she discovered the promising science of biomimicry. “A revelation” as she explained. Biomimicry means taking inspiration from the genius of nature to innovate. “Skin is one of the most sophisticated technologies on the planet, and an infinite source of knowledge,” continues Fabienne.

We have done a report with re/sources about Biomimetism in our content related to packaging. HERE

Fabienne went on a 3-year journey to understand the science of skin and 'crack its code'. She notably worked with Professor Richard Daniellou, director of the cosmetology chair at AgroParisTech, and dermatologist Maïa Delage, a researcher at the Institut Pasteur to develop the Mimétique Complex SMR-C5.

Skin mimicry, with the SMR-C5 complex, is a major scientific advance that enables Mimétique to develop the most appropriate and reasoned dermo-cosmetic offer possible. Skin mimicry consists of scientifically observing the physico-chemical and biological phenomena of the skin, understanding the key mechanisms and then trying to reproduce them. In short, Skin Mimicry imitates the skin to make it work to its full potential.


The brand is available at Le Bon Marché in Paris and selected pharmacies in France, on directly on their website.

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