3 years now
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3 years now

Eva Lagarde

It's been three years this month since re-sources has been active. We launched the idea in 2020, in the middle of the second covid lockdown, built the concept and traded with our first clients in June 2021. 3 years then!

It feels very special to blow our third candle today and to keep talking about sustainable beauty. It feels even more special as I'm blowing my own birthday candles next monday (June 24th).

We've created re-sources as a service to our beautiful industry. To help you become better professionals. To give you information and insights into sustainability in beauty. So in turn you can create better products for our people and our planet.

What is the ONE thing you learnt with us along the way?
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With re/sources, we bring you in-depth reports and consulting support on sustainability in beauty, so instead of imaging it, you can build it, and market it accurately!  SUPPORT us and Join the movement…or ... book a demo.

Eva Lagarde
Founder & CEO

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World first captured-carbon cosmetic tube
Following a year-long development process, Element Beauty Group and Caliray have developed a tube made of captured-carbon, a world first in the beauty industry. Caliray’s hero product face primer called “so blown” a face primer has now re-packed it into a improved tube with stronger performance for better lifespan. This
Refillution - refillable beauty revolution
A new five-part report, available on specific subscription, detailing the state-of-play in the refillable beauty segment. Will refill become the norm in beauty? What brands have been doing successfully or not? 💡Subscribe as a FREE member to access this content 1 - Refillution - Global Picture & Market Figures 2 -

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Refillable Beauty - changing consumers habits
Today refillable solutions are complex for everyone. For suppliers and brands it requires a shift in supply-chain, for retailers it needs a shift in logistic and retail space, and we know how scarce space can be, and on the consumer side, it requires an active behaviour to bring back or
Packaging in the 18th century
what can we learn from the past? This brief historical overview of the evolution of beauty packaging has been created in collaboration with the Musée International de la Parfumerie (MIP) and collector Anne de Thoisy-Dallem. If you want to learn more about beauty, perfumery you could always plan a visit

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