Refillution - refillable beauty revolution

Refillution - refillable beauty revolution

Eva Lagarde

A new five-part report, available on specific subscription, detailing the state-of-play in the refillable beauty segment. Will refill become the norm in beauty? What brands have been doing successfully or not?

1 - Refillution - Global Picture & Market Figures

2 - Regulatory Update

3 - Consumers Expectations & Market Realities

4 - Innovations & Cases Studies. Successes and failures

5 - Conclusion & Future Outlook

Refillable Beauty, just a faff or here to stay?

Refillables are already a market requirement in France, and need to be accounted for, as soon as 2024. It will also most certainly come into force into the next European  Regulation PPWR - Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation - that will be published in the course of 2024. 

So there's no doubt that refills are not just a temporary trend, but here to stay.

What do consumers want

A recent survey by Global Data reveals that  Most consumers (67%) find packaging that is refillable/reusable to be extremely or quite important, even more so than plastic-free packaging (64%) which has been in the spotlight in recent years.

There is equally strong support for refillable packaging among older generations (Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers, Silent Generation). This packaging type is important to half of Gen Z (aged 12 to 26). As a result of the breadth of these captive consumer markets, beauty brands are incentivized to align with sustainable principles in order to attract and retain loyal customers and elevate their sustainability credentials.

In this report, we will give you insight into what refillable beauty means in terms of regulations, market expectations and product innovations.

Here our live demo of the report (in French) recorded on YouTube


  • Online + field research
    • Safari tour of outlets offering cosmetics and food refills (Paris, London)
    • Social Listening (insights from social medias)
    • Gathering figures and market information
  • Interviews with brands and experts (France, UK, Europe)
    • Anne-Marie Gabelica (Oolution)
    • Arnaud Cozie (We don't need roads)
    • Laurence Caisey (Horée)
    • Elodie Carpentier (Le Rouge Français)
    • Hector Sentilhes (Neo by Nature)
    • Gérald Martines (In Signes)
    • L'Occitane - David Byard - R&D Packaging Director
    • Nivéa (Beiersdorf) - Jérôme Lerouge - Head of Packaging Development
    • Pharma-Recharge Consortium
    • etc.
  • Exhibitions and conferences
    • Luxe pack
    • Special Edition Carreau du temple
    • Packaging Week
    • MakeUp in shows