Vitalism, is the next big beauty trend - according to Beautystreams
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Vitalism, is the next big beauty trend - according to Beautystreams

Eva Lagarde

It’s all about living longer while living stronger, expressed Beautystreams in its latest endeavour; “Cosmovision”, a macro forecast that examines large-scale societal trends and their potential effects on the beauty industry. 

This article is an extract of the Beautystreams report, available HERE

It is more about mindset and outlook than simply age

The 2024-2029 edition of CosmoVision focuses on longevity. In a changing landscape where the median age in many regions is projected to rise, it becomes crucial to engage consumers across their entire life journey rather than exclusively concentrating on the younger demographics. 

While the emphasis may vary depending on the country or region, it is essential to recognize that in today’s modern societies, physical needs and style preferences aren't solely determined by age. In this contemporary context, a baby boomer could maintain good health, an active lifestyle, and even be a devoted TikTok user, while a member of Generation Alpha might occasionally take a break from social media and experience chronic fatigue, for instance. Therefore, it is more about mindset and outlook than simply age.


With extended lifespans, the definition of beauty is evolving in tandem with changing lifestyle needs and preventive health to increase consumers’ “health- span.” This shift carries profound implications for our industry.

Within the beauty sector's diverse ecosystem, there is remarkable opportunity to offer solutions tailored to various age-related needs in all categories. From traditional methods that cater to those pursuing a youthful appearance to contemporary, age-inclusive strategies that embrace the natural changes in skin and hair as a celebration of life's journey, the landscape is in flux.

The rise of age-inclusivity underscores a growing trend of empowering consumers to select how they approach their age regardless of their age and generation, making it a pivotal theme for the years ahead.

Implications in Beauty

In Skincare & personal care: 

The concept of VITALISM extends significantly into the realms of skin care and personal care. Rather than fixating solely on sometimes unrealistic anti-aging claims, brands have the opportunity to cater to the evolving needs that accompany different life stages.

The Derma-Cosmetics Approach is geared towards addressing specific skin issues, including psoriasis, acne, and rosacea.

Simultaneously, a Hormone Focus strategy accounts for the unique skin care challenges associated with hormonal changes that occur during puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, and andropause.

Additionally, Age-Specific Supplements, inspired by the dietary patterns observed in "blue zones" – regions known for their exceptionally healthy and long-lived populations – support proactive and healthy aging.

As individuals progress through life, there is a natural shift in Sexual & Intimate Wellness requirements, thus creating fresh avenues for growth in the beauty sector.

In Hair Care:

Hair texture and color change throughout a person's life, providing a myriad of opportunities for hair care brands to target. In regions like Europe, North America, and some parts of Asia, a trend toward accepting gray hair is on the rise, yet there is growing demand for Gray Hair Enhancers that improve the texture and undertone of gray hair.

Hair loss, often linked to hormonal and stress-related events such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, is driving demand for products that prevent hair loss leading to a need for an Anti-Hair Loss Focus.

Aging manifests differently across various ethnicities, impacting not just the skin and hair but the scalp as well. The concept of Inclusive Scalp Aging, which accounts for environmental and genetic influences, is gaining attention as a vital aspect of hair care.

While many individuals with gray hair are choosing to embrace their natural hair color, there is still a significant number of individuals who prefer to dye their hair. These consumers are not just looking for coverage; they also seek Color That Cares, such as scalp care and hair repair benefits, to find more value.

In Color Cosmetics:

Consumer preferences for make-up color, texture, and coverage are influenced by aging, lifestyle habits, and the environment. There is a growing trend where consumers prefer color cosmetics with Skin Care Benefits that provide immediate results while also delivering skin care benefits for long-term health.

Light, Yet Covering formulas are increasingly favored for mature skin as they conceal flaws without highlighting wrinkles.

As hormonal changes can lead to sensitive skin, resulting in discomfort, a Focus on Comfort in color cosmetics is essential when addressing the needs of aging skin.

Skin undertones may alter with age due to either loss of pigment or increased pigmentation, varying by ethnic origin. Hence, Undertone Correctors that even out skin tones are seen as having significant market potential.

In Packaging Design:

Increasingly, older populations have specific requirements for product packaging, often influenced by changes in their sensory perceptions.

As the aging demographic grows, so does the prevalence of disabilities, requiring the creation of Disability-Friendly packaging solutions. These include the design of applicators that can be operated single-handedly and caps that are simple to open.

You can read more on Accessible Design inside re-sources report HERE

For individuals with visual impairments, Graphic Color Coding and Easy-to- Read Typography are essential to enable them to distinguish products with ease.

Additionally, for those experiencing a decline in their sense of smell, the Smart Dosage 

Dispenser for fragrances is an innovative tool that assists in applying the correct quantity of perfume.

These packaging advancements are vital to ensure that all consumers have the ability to use products with confidence and independence.

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