Sustainable Beauty Packaging Innovations - recap part2
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Sustainable Beauty Packaging Innovations - recap part2

Eva Lagarde

In this four-parts, we release the innovations, we have identified from the supply side, on the market, over the course 2023.

  • Reduce - here
  • Reuse - here
  • Recycle - here
  • Recover - here


There are different types of reuse solutions:

  • Refill through retail service (in store bulk machine to deliver into clean or new packaging : logistic and safety limitations)
  • Refill through interchangeable inner packaging (require extra sku in store) and outer long lasting pack.
  • Refill through delivery and/or subscription services (great from a customer loyalty standpoint)
  • etc.

AIRGLASS - airless refill

Bottom and pump can be assemble for refill with a safety clips, to allow safe refill, and safe use. Snap closure for full safety.
Pump, actuator, safety clip, inner collar and refill bottle comes in PP for full recyclability (inner mechanism in mix-materials).

Why it’s interesting / sustainable:

  • Outer bottle in glass, reusable infinitely
  • Fully dismentable packaging 
  • Travel friendly size
  • Comes in 50, 30 or 15 ml
  • Also exist in slim version

Supplier: PREMI Industries (Berlin Packaging)
Location: Italy - Delivery: Worldwide
Release Date: October 2023

MAYA - range with PAPER REFILL

Skincare (jars, bottle), MakeUp (Compacts, Palettes, Lipsticks) and Personal Care (Deodorant) refillable range.

Refills made of moulded pulp - Bamboo & Bagasse mix with agent for oil proof and waterproof -  with  a PP/PET lining - less than 5% of the total refill weight which make refills recyclable in the paper waste stream in Europe. 

  • Currently working to develop a fully plant-based lining.
  • Refills can be sealed with an aluminium film seal. 
  • Bottles & Jars comes in: 15, 30, 50 and 200ml

Why it’s interesting / sustainable:

  • Full Refill, Fully Recyclable.

Supplier: PPK
Location: China
Release Date: March 2023

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