Romilly Wilde and the Science of Beauty

Romilly Wilde and the Science of Beauty

Eva Lagarde

This week, we met with the founder of biotech beauty brand Romilly Wilde, Susie Willis, who started the project back in 2016, when very little was developed in green science. Green science or Biotech was already existing but it wasn’t as trendy as it has become now, and finding the right recipe with “green” ingredients was challenging, to say the least.

Romilly Wilde is fully aligned with the trend of luxury and sustainable beauty as they are using active ingredients from plants, algae and microorganisms; sustainably grown in laboratories using minimal energy and multiplying at ease, while ensuring maximum skincare results. Efficacy, Nature and Luxury.  Biotech to enhance beauty and affiliation with skin & Science.

They are all about skincare that stimulates natural effects on the skin like collagen production, for instance, enhancing skin health, metabolism and energy, while preserving the health and well-being of the people and the planet.

Romilly Wilde work specifically with biomimetic biotechnology that mimic molecules found in the human skin.  Susie talks about formulating from biology and this is not only a responsible way to create a product, but novel. Watch this space for this brand is it breaks all industry conventions.

Susie Willis - founder of Romilly Wilde

The interesting aspect of biotechnology comes from its infinite array of possibilities.

  • Green biotechnology is the chemistry of plants and allows plants to grow and be harvested multiple times a year, while also avoiding resource depletion since plants are no longer harvested in nature. We can also extract the best active and control the growing phase to maximise efficacy. By selecting seeds, and controlling growth conditions and harvest, explained to us Jean-Yves Berthon, founder of Greentech a few months ago.
  • There is also white biotechnology, and the science of microorganisms from bacteria to mushrooms which are grown in laboratories endlessly and with very little energy. They just multiply in the right conditions of temperature, moisture and nutrients.
  • And the last blue biotechnology is related to algae. In this instance, algae can also be grown in the laboratory in filtered seawater that can be reused again in cycles after being treated. Codif, in Brittany for example, grows algae in massive water tanks and are able to select species that would bring specific actives into the skincare list.

In addition to replicating in laboratory materials existing in nature, biotechs allow the development of new cosmetic ingredients and actives: nature offers a fantastic potential. After more than 20 years of existence, Greentech has unearthed more than 300,000 bioactive molecules.”  Explains Romilly Wilde.

Romilly Wilde is one of the few brands on the market that explains what biotechnology means and how it works, and which ingredients are in their formulas. Founder Susie, emphasised “ the choice to formulate without ingredients from petrochemical sources, such as PEGs”, which can be challenging for functional ingredients for instance. Most emollient and texturing ingredients come from petrol, as they are available widely, and cost-effective - considering the amount needed in a formula (they make the main composition of the formula) - and also are very efficacious, easy and stable to formulate and are also long-lasting.

Main ingredients in the Romilly Wilde range include for instance:

  • Wakame Bioferment Advanced - Undaria Pinnatifida Cell Culture Extract
  • Tsubaki Oil  - Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
  • Revinage® WPO - Bidens Pilosa Extract
  • Gatuline® In-Tense - Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract

The Romilly Wilde range is packed up with “ BioTechnology making it a strong ally in today's climate where consumers are no longer looking for green or clean beauty but looking for scientific proof and clear substantiation from brands.”  That is why since its inception, “ the luxury skincare brand has been committed to third parties to validate their claims, substantiate and approve their credentials.  This is either via first hand consumer feedback, global organisations and efficacy testing labs, ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) certifiers, or data driven measurements of our pursuit for efficacy and excellence in both science and skincare. We welcome the scrutiny, continue to audit and will always pursue betterment.” goes on to explain Susie Willis.

Romilly Wilde is Positive Luxury, Kind to Biome and Ecologi certified. And they also follow the Provenance proof point on their products.

We are impressed by the level and information and transparency found in Romilly Wilde's communications and hope more brands will be able to embrace the same level of content with their consumers, as we think down the line it will benefit our industry overall and demonstrate how innovative and scientifically backed it is.

Perfume mastery

Romilly Wilde has also recently launched a fragrance which has been developed by a perfumer who is also an astrophysicist further enhancing the connection of the brand with research and science.

the IDLE Eau de Parfum, is again a Biotech fragrance that captures the essence of abstract yet "addictive presence with every spritz" says the brand. It is a velvety musk and woody profile, for a sensory journey. The fragrance opens with the refreshing embrace of Juniper Berry and the heady allure of Jasmine, creating a harmonious blend. As it settles, deep and aromatic notes of Cardamom and Citrus Peel surface, adding complexity to its character.

A delicate, floral veil weaves through the composition, complementing the natural, musky scents of Moss and Angelica, grounding the senses and enveloping the user in a full-bodied olfactory experience.