Relax, don't do, when you wanna go and do it

Relax, don't do, when you wanna go and do it

Eva Lagarde

The title sounds familiar? Have a listen… it shall help you to relax...

We are going on a break for the next 4 weeks. We will still be working in the background, like little bees in their beehive, but we will stop our communications.

We are very happy with what we’ve accomplished so far. And we are very proud of our pilot members. They have almost completed their first course on packaging. They have learnt about packaging materials, recycling challenges and met inspiring speakers during the live Q&A sessions that we organised every week on the course.

The packaging course will re-start on the 4th of October with an entirely new cohort. Hope you can join us.

Anyway, our mantra for the summer is to RELAX and to consume LESS. We have given you below a quick list to help you save water, electricity and plastic, and also have a more diverse mindset.

So while you relax, find tips to make your life better! Here below!




We use water all the time; having a cup of tea, brushing our teeth and even the water used to create our cotton t-shirt! Of all the water on Earth, less than 1% is fresh and available to supply human demands (mainly consumer by the 'developed' world). Water is a precious resource we should not take for granted!

Top tips to save water:
- Limit the amount of water you use to brush your teeth, face and body.
- Don’t leave the water running when not in use.
- Have a 3 minute cold shower instead of a bath.
- Take a refill water bottle with you when you go out.
- Don't run your half filled washing machine or dishwasher - let it get full!
- Use a refill ice tray instead of buying bags of ice
- Collect your rainwater and use it to water your plants


The increased use and reliance of technology is having an impact on our energy consumption. The four main uses of electricity are lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration. Today, our lives heavily rely on electricity however, we can take steps to limit our impact on the planet and in turn save ourselves some pennies!

Key Takeaways:
- Open your windows and shut the blinds to keep cool instead of using an electric fan.
- Turn off appliances when you have finished with them.
- Change your energy provide for a renewable source provider.
- Get a smart meter for your home.
- Make sure all the lights are off when you leave the house (don't let the sunshine fool you!)
- Wash your clothes at a lower temperature and leave outside to dry.
- Use public transport, cycle or walk instead of using your car or taxi.


The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted us all, least above, single use plastic. Each lateral flow test has to be discarded and not recycled, due to hygiene and contamination. WE ARE USING A LOT OF PLASTIC! Whilst this is necessary to keep us save, through more education and awareness we can take individual action to combat the plastic problem.

Top tips to save plastic:
- Refuse items that are packaged in non recycled or single use plastic when you are shopping.
- Use metal cutlery and china plates for your picnic instead of plastic.
- Swap items around your home for plastic free/ no packaging.
- Avoid using plastic straws for your summer drinks.
- Make fresh food at home instead of getting a takeaway.
- Take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping.
- Keep a reusable mask with you - stay safe!