Recycling - part  4 - Chemical Recycling
Photo by Kai Dahms / Unsplash

Recycling - part 4 - Chemical Recycling

Eva Lagarde


Now that we’ve seen how mechanical recycling, let’s explore other types of recycling and how innovation is coming on the market and will change the way we recycle in the future.

In this report, the following UN SDG targets are applicable:


Chemical Recycling of Plastics

The inability of mechanical recycling processes to produce globally useful plastic products has therefore led many companies and federal entities to turn to chemical recycling methods instead.

Depolymerization is one type of chemical process that has been used to break PET into raw materials, thus preserving their original properties to allow for their reuse. Leaders of this industry have stated that any type of PET material that undergoes the depolymerization process can be used to make any type of conventional PET product.

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