What is an holobiont and how cosmetics are helping it?

What is an holobiont and how cosmetics are helping it?

Eva Lagarde

“A holobiont is an assemblage of a host and the many other species living in or around it, which together form a discrete ecological unit through symbiosis.” For example are considered to be holobionts or “superogranisms” so are humans or reef-building coral. In other words, an holobiont is a living organism and all its microorganisms living in or with it.

Why holobiont matters in cosmetics

At the latest InCosmetics global, held in Barcelona last march, a lot of research were on overall wellbeing and the influence of health, physical and mental wellbeing into beauty. Its not a new concept, a few years back we talked about the microbiome and now we are getting closer and closer with the direct environment and microorganisms of humans.

More recently, in the last few years with the microbiome with focused on the skin and its specific microoragnism making its microbiome. Skin being the biggest organ in human bodies, research showed that damaged bacterial soil and micoorganisms interactions was the cause of skin issues and damages. For example a sensitive, reactive, or prone to psoriasis skin and any other condition, was showing an unbalanced skin microbiome with an overpopulation of certain bacterias. Research has shown that nurturing good bacteria would have positive effects on the skin health. There is still new research and discoveries everyday on the skin microbiome.

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To go event further scientist and skin researchers are looking into the “holobiont’ and the way all microorganisms and the interactions between them, and the impact on skin health. Not just the skin microorganism but all microorganisms living on and in human soil.

What is Holobiosys

This is when Holobiosys comes into place; it is a systemic hydra-restoration & skin holobionte invigorator. It helps rehydrate and plump the skin. 

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Bertrand Charmier - Greentech: HOLOBIOSYS® follows more than 30 years of Greentech research. Thirty robust years of expertise in various fields: biotechnologies, metabolically oriented fermentation, phytochemistry, green extraction, biomimetism and microbiota.

Today, our extensive scientific approach allows us to unveil a new generation of active ingredients for cosmetics. Utilizing an innovative metaproteomic study which focuses on the specific function of each cellular protein. A major advance in cosmetics! Our systemic method treats the skin as a whole and repairs conditions of dry and dehydrated skin via a boost of hyaluronic acid and skin lipids synthesis.

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Bertrand Charmier - Greentech:

We are convinced that ecosystems must be studied as a whole, focusing on the interconnections between their various components rather than on the individual parts.

Taking it a step further than a simple microbiota study comparing one side and the skin to the other, the study of the holobiont provides a comprehensive view of the interactions between the skin and its microbial ecosystem.

Understanding and mastering the holobiont is a scientific achievement for Greentech. An innovation that moves science forward and provides a next generation of skin care actives: more specific, more sustainable and ever more effective.

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re/sources: How will it specifically impact the skin

Bertrand Charmier - Greentech: To counteract dehydrated (lack of water) and dry (lack of lipids) skin, HOLOBIOSYS® boosts hyaluronic acid (HA) synthesis both in the epidermis and the dermis. It also stimulates HA receptor CD44 and its signaling cascade allowing the reinforcement of epidermal barrier.

Indeed, tight junction and differentiation markers are upregulated as well as lipid synthesis in keratinocytes for a more cohesive epidermis able to lock in skin moisture. HOLOBIOSYS® also stimulates dermal-epidermal junction markers expression for a better diffusion of water bound to HA within the skin.

Finally, antioxidant cell responses are upregulated after treatment with HOLOBIOSYS® both in keratinocytes and fibroblasts for protection against HA degradation by free radicals.

Clinically tested on volunteers with dehydrated skin, HOLOBIOSYS® increases skin hydration index after 28 days of application at 1% vs placebo and smoothes wrinkles. It also protects hydrolipidic film and has even a lipid-replenishing effect on a sub-panel presenting dehydrated and sebum-deficient skin.

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Bertrand Charmier - Greentech: With HOLOBOSYS®, Greentech R&D goes a step further by studying the skin holobiont (the assemblage between the skin and its microbiota) with an innovative and emerging cutting edge technology: a metaproteomic study.

With age and loss of hydration, the Greentech research shows that there is a slow-down of skin barrier and antioxidant functions both from human and microbial origins. By focusing on the host/microbiota interactions, HOLOBIOSYS® stimulates these functions and contribute to a more harmonized and invigorated holobiont, allowing a deep hydration-restructuring action.