Waterless Beauty 2.0: Exploring the Future of Formulation
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Waterless Beauty 2.0: Exploring the Future of Formulation

Eva Lagarde

Waterless Beauty 2.0, and the Future of Formulation

With the rising demand for sustainability in the beauty industry, waterless beauty products have emerged as a promising solution. Initially popularised in the organic category, the trend has now extended to mass and luxury offerings. However, formulating waterless or water-free products presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. In this article, we delve into the insights shared by industry experts during the recent event MakeUp in Paris, shedding light on the complexities, innovations, and future prospects of waterless beauty formulations.

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re-sources: what are the main challenges of formulating waterless or water-free formulas?

Waterless beauty represents a major consumption trend in the market. Focusing on formulating waterless or water-free products, for skin care or body care applications, either in leave-on or rinse-off products.

According to Orietta Riccaboni from OPAC, working on solid cosmetics, such as loose or compressed powders, or anhydrous formulas (without water), brings new challenges in terms of creating innovative gestures. It's also important to educate consumers on these new gestures that need a push for adoption. It's a journey as she explained.
The main focus remains on sensoriality to ensure that rehydrating products perform and feel the same way that regular skincare would.

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