Waste Not, Want Not - How Matsos Transforms Fashion Waste into Luxurious Cosmetics Caps
Photo by MUILLU / Unsplash

Waste Not, Want Not - How Matsos Transforms Fashion Waste into Luxurious Cosmetics Caps

Sara Vincini

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has its own challenges when it comes to pollution and waste, especially when looking into fast fashion. It is estimated that 92 million tons of textile waste are produced annually globally, which makes up around 7% of the world’s total amount of landfill waste. 

What if this waste was upcycled or recycled into another product? What if fabrics and leftovers could have a second life? What is considered waste from one industry could be considered gold for another.

Could cosmetics packaging be the solution?

When talking about the wastage and pollution caused by the textile industry, we probably wouldn’t immediately think of cosmetics packaging suppliers as potential “redeemers” – but what if this was the case?

What if companies could come up with an innovative way to not only recover some of those leftover textiles, but also make something valuable out of them? It may sound a bit far-fetched, but we’ll let you in on a little secret: someone is actually doing it.

Recovering textile surplus with Matsos®

Pujolasos, a Barcelona-based cosmetics packaging supplier, has recently launched Matsos®, a brand focused on recovering unwanted, surplus textiles from high-end fashion brands and transforming them into caps for perfumes and beauty and skincare products.

Essentially, Matsos®’s circular approach closes the loop, with functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Its mission is to “lead the revolution in the packaging industry by transforming how materials are conceived and utilised.” A future where “beauty and sustainability coexist harmoniously”, and where the brand plans to be at the forefront of this movement by actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions, protecting the environment, and promoting more ethical and responsible consumption.

“Waste is the new raw”

Waste is the new raw” is not just a catchy tagline: it represents the brand’s effort to give a second lease of life to something that would end up in landfill and harm our planet. 

As an answer, Matsos® has launched three product lines based on the specific type of “rescued” textile: Leatherwaste, Denimwaste, and Corkwaste.

Matsos® recovers leftover leather and microleather from the fashion industry, treats it, and transforms it into beautiful, sensorial caps and closures that elevate the look and feel of cosmetics products. Thanks to its high degree of versatility, leather can be combined with other “rescued” materials, such as cork and wood waste.

Similarly, Matsos® works with surplus denim-based textiles to craft stunning, high-quality closures for the perfumery industry, and it uses leftover cork for similar purposes. Cork, especially, has innate properties such as elasticity, water and fire resistance, and high thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s also hypoallergenic, renewable, and biodegradable, thanks to being a 100% natural product. 

All the raw materials used come from high-end, luxury fashion suppliers, which means that the resulting product will be long-lasting and feature an elevated, sumptuous feel.

The way forward

In an ever-warming planet where fast fashion and single-use products have become the norm, purpose-driven brands like Matsos® by Pujolasos are paving the way for radical change. 

By showcasing how leftover textiles such as denim, leather, and cork can be transformed into something that’s not only functional and useful but also highly sensorial and visually pleasing, Pujolasos remains at the forefront of the circular revolution, actively contributing to closing the loop – whilst helping the fashion industry at large become more sustainable. 


From wood to textiles, an ongoing journey towards innovation

Pujolasos, a Barcelona-based cosmetics packaging supplier, has long been on the frontline of sustainability and innovation in its sector. Since 1967, the company has been working with wood to craft functional, beautiful, and sustainable wood-based caps and closures for luxury perfumes as well as beauty and skincare products.

Pujolasos only sources its wood from sustainably-managed forests with FSC and PEFC certifications. This means that Pujolasos’s end customers can be sure that they are buying products from ethical and responsible suppliers, whilst also helping combat illegal logging.

An innovative company at its core, Pujolasos is once again disrupting the industry and rewriting the script by turning to leftover textiles from luxury fashion brands. 

Image by Pujolasos