The Unseen launches mascara with algae-based black pigment
Image - The Unseen

The Unseen launches mascara with algae-based black pigment

Eva Lagarde

UK beauty trailblazer, The Unseen, is unveiling a groundbreaking bio-based black pigment sourced from upcycled algae waste biomass. This innovative pigment, developed over a span of five years in collaboration with Living Ink Technologies, a specialist in eco-friendly pigments and inks, marks a significant leap in sustainable cosmetics.

Algae as a carbon-absorber

Dubbed ABSORPTION, the new line harnesses ALGAE BLACK(™), proudly heralded as the inaugural cosmetics collection to utilise renewable, carbon-negative pigments. “ The collection is named for the prolific carbon-capturing traits of algae. It includes a mascara and a pencil eyeliner made from repurposed algae cells, and offers a high-performance that's better for the planet “ explains The Unseen.

ABSORPTION is lengthening mascara and a long-wearing pencil eyeliner duo, showcasing a biology-built true black pigment: Algae Black™” adds The Unseen.

Clinically approved

The pigments are ophthalmologically and dermatologically approved for use in colour cosmetics. It is using carbon-negative upcycled pigments derived from algae organisms—algae black™. This groundbreaking innovation significantly reduces carbon emissions by 200% compared to typical carbon black production.

Using 45lbs of algae ink saves 22.5lbs of petroleum, reducing environmental impact. Algae Black™ also removes -59 kg of CO2, the equivalent to planting four trees, as algae absorb and store carbon dioxide for over a century” explains The Unseen.

image - The Unseen

“Algae Black™ is made by subjecting waste algae biomass to a pyrolysis process, burning it without oxygen. This prevents the carbon stored by the algae from turning into carbon dioxide. Instead, the carbon forms a char, serving as a pigment. To achieve substantial carbon reduction, mass-scale production and utilisation of the pigment are necessary.

Two products - One deep colour

The eyeliner offers a smooth and smudge-free long-wear eye pencil with a rich colour and matte finish. It is housed in a cellulose barrel.

The mascara offers high-performance formula to "define even the smallest of lashes for an uncompromised, lengthened look that lasts. "

image - The Unseen

Brand Values

This innovation aligns with The Unseen mission’s to lead ethical innovation in colour cosmetics and set new sustainability standards while inviting collaboration to revolutionise beauty and protect the planet's future.

The brand goes on to explain that “ ABSORPTION Algae Black™ not only offers a climate-positive alternative to polluting carbon black but also signifies a crucial step in reducing environmental impact and meeting the demand for sustainable options in the beauty sector. "