Sweetch, a new biotech company for the beauty world
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Sweetch, a new biotech company for the beauty world

Eva Lagarde

Sweetch, a newly formed beauty ingredient company, focusing on natural and sustainable technologies launches in the global market. The company is owned by Ekkio Capital, an independent management company that has been investing for 20 years in growth-oriented European SMEs in four sectors: Tourism & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Security & Control, and Sustainability.

After acquiring brands and contract manufacturing companies , Ekkio Capital goes up the value chain with the creation of Sweetch, a specialty ingredient manufacturer, bringing high-technology plant-based products to the beauty industry.

At its head, Tony Jaillot, beauty veteran (BASF, IMCD, Cargill, Univar) , becomes CEO of Sweetch. “The desire from consumers to use beauty brands built on nature-derived ingredients is now unstoppable and is shaping the present and future of the industry. While there are many great renewable ingredients on the market, we believe that there is a novel way to assemble them into differentiating concepts while bringing new technologies to life, from untapped food technologies to biotech or even other industries. We are delighted to partner with the visionary team of Ekkio Capital in this journey and to build a new disruptive player in the beauty ingredients space!” explains Jaillot.

Sweetch aims to impact the beauty industry by demonstrating the power and benefits of natural ingredients through plant-based and biotech solutions, open innovation and advanced formulation. The holistic vision focuses on a positive impact for people and planet at scale using upcycled feedstocks, microbiome oriented functional and active ingredients, low energy formulation, and much more. 

“Ekkio Capital is thrilled to welcome Sweetch into the portfolio.  They have a strong strategy in place to fuel growth and offer novel ingredients to the beauty industry that will scale quickly” says, Thibaud Gachet, Partner Ekkio Capital.  

Sweetch begins its journey with the acquisition of three market leading natural ingredients companies:

  • Gobiotics: Developing pre-, post- and probiotics, and also focusing on skin microbiota friendly and natural alternatives to surfactants, conditioners and emulsifiers.
  • Creathes: Developing new generations of powders, dispersions, granules, gels and beads)
  • CreaChem: a world leader in the production of saccharides from chicory roots, beet roots and rice
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Dorota Gonry, CEO GoBiotics Ingredients, says, “Even at the start of the business in 2002, the Gobiotics company mission was to develop ingredients that support the skin through the skin microbiota and to develop sustainable alternatives for synthetic classic functional ingredients. Becoming part of Sweetch will amplify our R&D resources, production capacity and our level of customer service. More and more iconic ingredients are coming.”

Hervé Huillier - founder of Creathes - will take the group COO position adds, “Our baseline is: “Create the solution”. It is on this basis that we used natural delivery systems to provide solutions that support consumer health. Today, thanks to our expertise in natural delivery systems, our ambition is to bring performance to natural cosmetics, by combining well-being, innovation, health and sustainability.  Sweetch shares our values and will allow us to realize this ambition by supporting our R&D, the deployment of our industrial tools and by developing our sales. History is no longer behind us, but ahead.”

Karl Booten, CEO CreaChem, says “The acquisition by Sweetch will lead to many synergies with the other partners leading to many successes.  I look forward to seeing the wonderful developments.”