Sustainable beauty innovations - week 1st July

Sustainable beauty innovations - week 1st July

Eva Lagarde

From Poetry to eco-design

At the request of a house with stringent sustainability requirements, Coverpla was proactive in helping it choose a beautiful refillable bottle and a cap made from bio-sourced resin.

Terre d’Oc, from Provence, offers natural products that tell stories of travel, ethics, craftsmanship, scent and wellbeing. These four eaux de parfum translate the brand’s passion for all that is natural and its respect for the planet. In Coverpla, it saw a partner capable of serving its mission thanks to its eco-design capabilities and the richness of its offer.

“For our organic eaux de toilettes, we were looking for a glass bottle with a gentle, harmonious, rounded shape. We wanted a prestigious glass bottle with a thick base that was refillable in order to offer our customers a product that gives them joy again and again,” explains Marketing Manager Audrey Haupt.

The brand selected the Venus design in a 100ml format equipped with a screw neck (CV15). Venus is available in 50ml and 100ml versions with two types of collar (threaded and crimped).

A bio-sourced cap
Coverpla then expanded on its eco-design approach by offering a selection of caps with a reduced carbon footprint. Terre d’Oc opted for the Lord cap injected from PHA. PHAs are biopolymers essentially based on rapeseed oil. This material has mechanical properties similar to PE, and is compostable. “We are happy to have found in Coverpla a partner that shares our values. Thanks to this strong collaboration, we were able to create a product that combines elegance and sustainability,” Audrey Haupt concludes.

Expanscience launches Gaïaline® a Linseed oil phytosterols active ingredient sourced from Soil Conservation Agriculture.

A sustainable approach to agriculture that aims to maximize crop yield and minimize environmental impact by preserving soil health. Soil Conservation Agriculture is based on 3 complementary pillars:

  • No soil disturbance or tillage, enhances soil integrity and reduces time and cost of using machinery & fuel
  • Permanent soil cover supplies the soil with nutrients, shields from erosion, and suppresses weed growth
  • Crop rotation or intercropping boosts soil fertility, enables better water use efficiency, and increases the plants' resistance to pests.

Gaïaline® is sourced from a farm certified "au coeur des sols" (ACS) by the APAD, "Association for the Promotion of a Sustainable Agriculture". ACS is a French certification that verifies the compliance of farms dedicated to Soil Conservation Agriculture.

Sourced from linseed oil and flowers, it is regenerative, from soil to skin & hair. Liposoluble active ingredient. Local & Regenerative sourcing from France (INCI : Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil).

Bol de graines de lin avec fleur et huile de lin

Guerlain choses Aptar for its first fragrance formulated without alcohol

Aptar Beauty has provided its Sensea fragrance pump for La Petite Robe Noire L’Eau Rose, Guerlain’s first fragrance formulated without alcohol. The limited edition of the brand’s iconic eau de parfum is made from 92% natural-origin ingredients.

Sensea offers the most gentle actuation from Aptar Beauty’s best-selling’s fragrance pump range, VP4. It delivers a fine and homogeneous spray at a wide, 60° angle. Reliable and robust, it combines a VP4 cartridge optimized for gentle actuation with a High Definition Spray (HDS) insert.

The pump and collar are anodized in silver and, like all Aptar Beauty’s prestige fragrance dispensing systems, are manufactured at its Le Neubourg facility in Normandy, France. Sensea belongs to a fragrance pump portfolio adapted to the fragrances of tomorrow, such as water-based or alcohol-free formulas, also including INUNE and Aqua Silk, each one providing an ideal fit for the clean beauty trend.

Cosmogen, an ally of Thalgo's Spiruline Boost line

Radiance Peeling Pro Mask, the professionally-inspired brush-mask, is enriched with acidic seaweed ferments with peel-like action, to give a new-skin effect and instantly refresh the skin. From Cosmogen's Squeeze'N Tint range, the patented on/off system dispenses the formula, then, once closed, applies it with the washable brush, also separable for recycling.

"Regard Défatiguant" skincare is a roll-on with an "icicle" effect that smoothes away signs of fatigue, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in a single gesture for instantly fresher-looking eyes. Thalgo has chosen the Cosmogen PE Ø 19 mm tube with a 3-stainless-steel-ball roll-on applicator.

Kaffe Bueno introduces Kleanstant®, a natural anionic surfactant upcycled from coffee by-products

This innovative ingredient harnesses the beneficial properties of coffee oil, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional surfactants. It contains potassium salts of palmitic and linoleic acids, polyphenols, tocopherols, and diterpene esters, delivering effective cleansing, emulsifying, foaming, and antioxidative properties

Key Benefits

Personal Care

  • Removes Waterproof Make-up: Removes easily make-up without drying the skin.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Naturally sourced antioxidants protect the skin.
  • Soft Feel: Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Moisturising Effect: Enhances skin moisture retention, promoting overall skin health.


  • Acts as an Emollient: Contributes to the smooth texture of personal care products.
  • Highly Soluble: Easily integrates into various formulations.
  • Naturally Biodegradable: Reduces environmental impact.
  • Free from Sulphates and Petroleum: Ideal for clean beauty formulations, catering to consumers seeking gentle and safe products.


Kleanstant® is versatile and can be used in a wide range of personal care products, including:

  • Make-up Removers
  • Cleansers
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Body Washes
A close-up image of a coffee based surfactant ingredient for personal care