Latest Sustainable Beauty Formulations Innovations
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Latest Sustainable Beauty Formulations Innovations

Marie Dehlinger

This report reveals the innovations in formulation and ingredients that have genuine sustainability credentials, that have been released over the course of 2023. From upcycling ingredients, upgraded functional ingredient, polymer switch to green alternative, biotechnology to waterless beauty. Ingredients suppliers and solutions providers are changing the face of beauty.

We will present the following report in three categories:

  • Innovative Ingredients
  • New Formulations
  • Sustainable processes

Innovative Ingredients


Extracted from french organic linseed, Linodermine delivers an instant glow and long term anti-aging benefits. Rich in natural sugars (xylose and rhamnose), this multifunctional active stimulates crucial biological markers : collagen, elastin, decorin, hyaluronic acid synthesis. Compatible with gels and emulsion formulations. 

Why it’s interesting / sustainable?
The patented eco-designed extraction process (UltraSevum™) which combines ultrasonics and phytosolvents. Tree sap is used as an extraction fluid to replace organic solvents, offering a more natural (and active) alternative. 

Supplier:  Arboretum Ingredients / IMDC
Location: France, Europe
Release Date: October 2023

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