Post Clean Beauty, or just a new turn?
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Post Clean Beauty, or just a new turn?

Florine Caubet

How can you leverage this consumer shift?

A presentation with Dynvibe, a Social Intelligence Agency. "Dynamic technologies, human vibes", Dynvibe put human intelligence on top of smart social monitoring technologies to highlight strategic insights from consumers and changemakers content worldwide.

In less than 5 years, the clean beauty trend has drastically reshaped consumer expectations and purchase behavior. But what does it take to be considered as a “clean” brand from a consumer perspective today?

Just a quick introduction

Since 2009, at "Dynvibe we transform Social Media data into strategic insights and actionable strategies to help our clients push their brands to the next level" Audrey Laurent, Research Director - Insight Crafter at Dynvibe.

About this report

We’ll share a true consumer perspective on:

  • Why are we moving towards clean beauty 3.0?
  • What is clean beauty’s new turn?
  • How can brands leverage it?