Packaging sorting info applicable to cosmetics
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Packaging sorting info applicable to cosmetics

Eva Lagarde

Here in this article, we detail the compulsory Sorting Information in France. These rules must be applied to all packaging of all products sold on French ground. This report is supported by content from CITEO.

(Loi Anti-Gaspillage et Economie Circulaire), the first of its kind in France, intends to deeply change production and consumption habits in order to ensure that French law respects the climate.This regulation is applicable to all goods sold in the French territory.

- Note that this regulation does not ensue financial or legal penalties (as of today) except for product destruction & triman.-

Agec Law: composed of 130 articles and promulgated on February 10, 2020, the text is part of the 2004 Environmental Charter (under the French Constitution, as a precautionary principle, and as an addition to fundamental civil and political rights and economic and social rights of French citizens), which ensures that French law respects the climate.

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