New packaging solutions serving the growing hair care segment
Photo by pmv chamara / Unsplash

New packaging solutions serving the growing hair care segment

Sara Vincini

There's no doubt that the hair care industry has undergone a huge transformation in the past few years. Today, it represents the second-largest cosmetics market after skincare, offering an ever-expanding range of products and solutions to suit all hair types and needs.

While the largest segment of the hair care industry is still represented by shampoos and conditioners, the treatment segment is also in constant growth – largely due to new trends such as textured hair, scalp care, skinification, and holistic wellness.

The challenge, then, is not just in the hands of hair care brands and formulators, who are facing increasing demand and competition, but also in those of packaging suppliers. Ensuring that hair care products are housed in packaging that’s functional, beautiful, and sustainable is an enormous feat.

Three collections for different hair care needs

Image by Lumson

At the beginning of 2024, Italian packaging leader Lumson launched three new collections of complete ‘turnkey’ solutions – bottles, accessories, decoration, and dispensing systems – exclusively for the hair care segment. Strong of its well-established skincare expertise, the company has decided to expand its portfolio to start addressing the needs of the rapidly growing world of hair care products.

The three new lines – SLIM, VERONA, and ROUND – feature a total of 19 solutions available in different sizes and materials to best suit the most diverse range of hair care products – from serums to masks, from shampoos to scalp treatments – in line with the new and predominant trend of skinification (the fusion between hair care and skincare).

SLIM: A sleek, timeless collection

Image by Lumson

SLIM has been branded with clean, timeless lines and a classical and cylindrical design. With this collection, Lumson wants to offer elegance and sophistication without compromising on functionality and practicality. 

The collection includes a total of nine different bottles, ranging from 30ml to 400ml and available in glass, PET, and PE. 

VERONA: Minimal design aimed at the pros

Image by Lumson

With its clean lines and minimalism-inspired design, the VERONA collection features PETG bottles – available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 200ml – that can be combined with either a traditional or a precision dispensing system.

The collection has been especially developed for luxury and professional hair care brands focused on products for scalp health and looking to deliver precise application and intuitive gesture.

ROUND: Nature-inspired for a graceful look and feel

Image by Lumson

ROUND has been developed to give a soft, gentle, and curved shape to the hair care category. This collection takes inspiration from nature. The bottles range from 50ml to 250ml and feature muted colours and soft-touch finishes for a graceful, delicate look and feel.

Available in glass and PE, the ROUND range can be paired with many different dispensing systems.

Intuitive innovations

Lumson is transferring its skills and expertise from the skincare to the hair care world. With its new turnkey collections for the widest range of hair care products, the company reaffirms its commitment to staying on trend with market development delivering solutions that satisfy both brands and consumers.