Mono skincare, redefining beauty with a new skincare routine

Mono skincare, redefining beauty with a new skincare routine

Eva Lagarde

Following two years of R&D and a complete reformulation, Mono Skincare re-launches the world's first waterless extemporaneous dermo-cosmetics range. Just add water and the magic happens!

Easier said than done though. The story goes like this. After a successful launch in pre-sales at the end of 2021, Laurie Mias - founder - and the team went back to the lab to improve product texture for a smoother and creamier formula after consumer feedback. The idea was already there, and the product was on the market, Laurie felt that it needed a bit of improvement. 

Starting with a 350 000 euro investment with family and friends support - also called “love money” in the start-up jargon - the founder was able to release her idea on the market after 12 to 18 months of development in the laboratory based in Belgium.

"In 2014 I founded a Cold Press Organic Juicery called Mr Green Juice and later on, in 2017 I founded a Wellness Resort named REVĪVŌ. I designed comprehensive wellness retreat programs with nutritionists and health experts and discovered how a prebiotic and probiotic diet could improve the immune system as well as symptoms of gluten intolerance some customers have had for years. Then it striked me, why not applying this science to skin? I read and researched a lot on the enormous benefits of harnessing good bacteria and it helped me to create MONO formulations in collaboration with a laboratory in Belgium." explained Laurie Mias

Laurie Mias - Founder - MONO skincare

The vision behind the brand was also to cut plastic waste, by creating a fully refillable skincare range, whilst developing a 100% natural facial routine. Hence the challenge in formulation and packaging design.

In general, the more natural means the less “potentially '' stable the formula, the less preservative, and also the more packaging to keep the formula clear of external contamination. 

The brand had to go through complex development to ensure formula stability, including PH stability. Mono Skincare also selected a sleek glass bottle and pump for its packaging to ensure reusability and efficacy.

Also formulating was complex due to the current lack of natural emollients / texturing agents that will easily melt or blend in hot or tempered water. Most cosmetic formulas are heated to allow easy mixing of ingredients for creamy and smooth formulas. Consumers have a certain expectation when applying skincare moisturisers, serums or other products that have a specific texture, and innovating in the field of beauty can not always mean moving away from these daily gestures. Keeping an effective amount of active ingredients was also paramount for the founder, which increased the development phase even further.

This is why sustainability innovation is really interesting. Today we are limited in the number of ingredients that we can use in waterless formula. We’ve always developed beauty care products in an aqueous environment in the laboratory, and formulating without water for extemporaneous formulas that will be blended by the consumer changes the game altogether. It’s not that simple!
With the increased investment in Biotechnologies we will see more and more ingredients offering more options, but it will take years before we can have 100% natural formulas that are performing as well as current products mixing synthetic and natural sourcing.
It will be possible, but a lot of investment in research and innovation must happen first. (editor’s note).

MONO’s product range is classified by 6 numbers, indicating the step in which to use the product: 

  • A Makeup Meltaway - N°0
  • a Face Cleanser - N°1
  • a Soft Facial Peeling - N°2
  • a Face Toner, - N°3
  • a Night Serum - N°5
  • a Face Moisturizer - N°6

Number 4 is under development and shall be released soon with a face mask. The laboratory is also developing a face sunscreen.

The entire range is sold in tablet formats that customers dilute in water in a reusable container made with glass.

The beauty founder is currently raising its seed round with an expected target of 900,000 euros in the next few months. MONO owns its global patent for a waterless extemporaneous formula, which distinguishes its position in the market, where competition is fierce and innovation accompanied by Intellectual Property will make a difference in the field of investment.

With initial interest from Mecca, Sephora, Ulta, Liberty and other retailers globally, Mono Skincare is currently aiming at developing the French market before heading to a global release, although the dermo-cosmetics range is available globally through its DtoC (Direct-to-consumer) channel namely its website.

The brand is currently available at Le Printemps and is aiming at selective retail with French pharmacies and other specific retailers.