Beauty Innovations released in Paris - Jan 24

Beauty Innovations released in Paris - Jan 24

Eva Lagarde

Attending Cosmet'Agora followed by Paris Packaging Week has been a busy start to the year.

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At Cosmetagora, notable innovations include

  • Flake-like formulations for mono-dose skincare, with just an addition of water or serum: with Daito Kasei "water activated skin fusion patch" for colour and skincare application. flake for mono-dose application with added water or serums. With Cosmos certified actives and formulated with 98% natural ingredients.
Daito Kasei

From the innovations awards winners:

  • Summit Cosmetics - Balm which transform into smooth oil formula for gentle application and massage of the legs. Made with Corsican citron, with 98% natural origin ingredients and vegan formula. Can be applied with gua sha for additional massage benefits.
  • Roelmi France - stick formula for a water-free with microbiota actives and cooling effect.
  • DKSH - Atheletes' protective glide balm is made from 98.5% natural raw materials, all of which comply with Vegan regulations. Made to limit overheating and irritation caused by rubbing of technical fabrics, and promoting skin regeneration.

Details on our Instagram highlights: HERE.

At Paris Packaging Week

  • Hyléance - deodorant refill in a small and intuitive format, in full PP. 45ml, roll-on. It's a small and easy to handle format with a similar size to current deodorant packaging on the market, which can make the switch to refillable more intuitive for consumers.
  • mPackting - biocompound made from biochar (charcoal) and natural bio-compound. Black for luxury finishes. For injection moulding technology. They are currently developing the blow moulding technology for an added variety of application in packaging.
  • Pinard Beauty Pack - reduced wall refill. With 14gr of PET - instead of 35gr - for this refill bottle. It can also be manufactured in recycled PET.

Details on our Instagram videos: HERE.

  • Coverpla now offers 100% recycled glass in its catalogue thanks to a partnership with Estal, spanish glass maker. The new range offered a new naturally coloured glass or amber glass. This type of glass varies in coloured, and sometimes presents other irregularities. Such a choice represents a strong environmental standpoint, a commitment to a “raw” product that consumers must accept or alter their perception of “imperfections.”
  • Bormioli Luigi is now offering a new Sputtering technology to replace metallization. It offers the product the same shine and resistance to shock, scratches and juices. However, the sputtering technique consists of applying the décor in a vacuum using a physical process very different to metallization. The chosen metal – steel, gold, silver or copper, for example – is transformed with gas and deposited on the surface of the bottle in the form of micro-fragments, making it possible to determine thickness for a minimal impact. But its main objective is to offer glass that remains transparent, making it detectable in recycling streams, thereby guaranteeing recyclability. Mastering this technique is a game-changer.

PCD Awards

Makeup Mass Market 
Award: Covergirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara – Coty 
Certificate: L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Lift Mascara – L’Oréal 

Premium makeup 
Award: 31 Le Rouge - Chanel Parfums Beauté 
Award: Rouge Premier - Parfums Christian Dior 
Certificate: Artist Face Powders - Make up For Ever SA 

Personal care 
Awards: Recycled and Recyclable Ecorefill Bottle - L’Occitane en Provence 
Award: Good Coloration – L'Oréal
Certificate: Oleor Color in shampoo-ONE PUSH – L'Oréal 

Skincare mass market 
Award: Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Booster x GREENIS® Dispenser – Dermalogica 
Certificate: Dermalogica Porescreen Mineral Sunscreen SPF40 - Dermalogica 

Premium skincare 
Award: Sublimage La Crème – Chanel Parfums Beauté 
Award: Sublimage Night Extract – Chanel Parfums Beauté 
Certificate: Dior Prestige Le Nectar Premier - Parfums Christian Dior 
Certificate: The Ultimate Cream – Amorepacific / Verescence 

Fragrance Women 
Award: La Panthère Eau de Parfum – Cartier Parfums 
Award: Burberry Her Eau de Parfum – Coty 
Certificate: Flower By Kenzo Ikebana Eau de Parfum - LVMH Fragrance Brands 

Fragrance Men 
Award: Penhaligon's – Potions & Remedies – Penhaligon's 
Certificate: JPG Le Male Elixir – PUIG France 

New Limited Edition > 2000 
Award: Perfumed cases – Cartier Parfums 
Award: MM Replica Wooden Box – L’Oréal 
Certificate: Christmas Makeup Minaudière 2023 - Parfums Christian Dior 

New Limited Edition < 2000 
Award: L’Or de J’adore by Jean-Michel Othoniel – Parfums Christian Dior 
Award: Temyris, the beauty minaudiere - Aurore & Paul - TEMYRIS 
Certificate: Lancôme Absolue Soft Cream x Le Louvre - L’Oréal - Lancôme