Feeling duped?

Feeling duped?

Eva Lagarde

You probably have noticed my recent post on LinkedIn about Apple and their new policy on advertising in the AppStore. They have also appointed a former Facebook ads manager to their marketing team.

Under cover of privacy and data protection, Apple is creating an entire new paradigm for ads online.

Why is it related to sustainability? our world is facing a huge faith crisis. Consumers don’t believe in brands anymore and this move (even though not related to beauty) is likely to damage legacy brands overall.

When you talk about sustainability, and your new packaging, who are the consumers likely to trust? Your claims? or smaller, niche or independent players.

Who can claim today that they understand everything about sustainability?This is why I’m building re-sources.co, to give you the arguments, and the fact-based truth to substantiate your claims when it comes to packaging for instance. So you won’t have a backlash on your brand.We are only now releasing the packaging module (the other 4 modules will be released after this one is running well) as we want to make sure that this module is the perfect answer to what you need. Hence taking our time on it first.Will you join us? Here is the program to the packaging module.