Nerra - Embracing ancient rituals to tap into holistic beauty

Nerra - Embracing ancient rituals to tap into holistic beauty

Eva Lagarde

NERRĀ which stands for New Era Responsibility is the new indie brand to set foot in America and is bringing the ritual of the hammam to urban consumers for a focus on time and self-care. 

The body care prestige brand is releasing a Body Cleansing Ritual with a four-step bathing practice inspired by ancient Mediterranean bathhouse traditions that offer the four steps of hammam-style bathing made even more powerful with modern-day skincare actives and a Microbiome-Friendly certified exfoliation process.

Co-founder and Formulator Teyma Touati, from Tunisia, is the vision holder behind the brand. Practising her family’s hammam culture within sight of the ruins of the Roman Baths of Antoninus prompted Touati’s adolescent fascination with the history and similarities of the Mediterranean bathing traditions of Carthage.

co-founders Teyma Touati & Fares Benouhiba

“I found that bathing rituals are largely absent in most of the fast-paced urban world,” says Touati. "So I set out to create an at-home hammam-inspired bathing practice that everyone can enjoy. Along the way, I was stubborn in my commitment to preserving the ancient wisdom ingrained in the tradition — like that skin must be prepped before it can be properly exfoliated — while also knowing it could be even more powerful with the addition of performance skincare ingredients.”

The Body Cleansing Ritual brings ancient Mediterranean bathing practices to the comfort of the bathroom:

  • Step 1: Prepare with the Pre-Exfoliating Foam
  • Step 2: Exfoliate with Exfoliating Body Glove - made from biodegradable plant viscose and the world’s first certified microbiome-friendly.
  • Step 3: Hydrate & Purify with the Body Wash.
  • Step 4: Nourish with the Body Dry Oil

The ritual has been carefully crafted with soft scent of Jasmine Wood. The Body Wash and Dry Body Oil - fragrance-free or NERRĀ’s signature Jasmine Wood scent, naturally crafted from Grasse France. Jasmine Wood begins with vibrant notes of jasmine and freesia, gently transitions to blooming rose and ripe peach, before settling into a comforting blend of musk, wood, and fresh powder for a subtle aromatherapeutic cleansing experience.

NERRĀ's Body Cleansing Ritual has undergone comprehensive clinical testing by an independent third-party with a consumer panel over 21 days. This study, involving 36 participants using the ritual twice weekly, demonstrates significant skin health improvements:

  • 97% reported smoother skin
  • 95% observed a more youthful and glowing complexion
  • 89% noticed healthier and softer skin

The bodycare range comes in fully recyclable or reusable packaging (pumps are reusable, and not recyclable), using aluminium, glass or mono PP/PE materials and FSC paper for secondary packaging.

The cosmetics formulas are made with Cosmos certified organic ingredients wherever possible, and all are made in France. And the sourcing of ingredients is considered sustainable and fair trade practices.

NERRĀ is rooted in sustainability and hopes to bring a new ritual of wellbeing and self-care in the hands of beauty consumers.