Beauty Innovations from sunny Los Angeles!

Eva Lagarde

Along with the sun, MakeUp in Los Angeles brought us interesting beauty innovations. The main trend this year was metalisation across the categories. From formulas to packaging, shine is back, and you would ask, what is sustainable about this? Well read on!

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The reign of chromatic transformation in formula

Gone are the days of frugal behaviour during the hours of 2020 and of careful living. We are now back out, and free to enjoy and play with make-up. It’s time to indulge again and be unapologetic about our make-up looks. Even skincare has some spark with interesting transforming formulas.

Formulation innovations included a lot of shine and metalized pigment, with Chromavis focusing on chrome effect as an overall theme for this show, Faber Castell releasing a collection called “Fluid : a mesmerising connection of beauty and colour shifting effect coming to life”. ICC Italy also released a transforming effect with a dual effect formula with blue or purple effect depending on the angle of the light on the colour.

Chromavis with HELIX  is “offering an original design and a new sensorial experience. Its patented, flexible, shockproof formula is water-activated and acts as both highlighter and eyeshadow. Packaging inspired by the functionality of a tape dispenser presents the formula in roll shape, allowing tiny pieces to be detached and applied directly to the skin. It gives users precise control over the quantity used, as well as the ability to more easily modulate colour and rendering effects.

The “Fluid” product range, by Faber Castell, features an ultra-soft eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip liner ­- with intense colour payoff. A glossy and shiny range that offers comfort, creating individual looks from subtle to striking thanks to the buildable colour intensity. A range that is Vegan and Clean, in line with US beauty standards. ” explains Faber Castell Cosmetics.

Faber Castell - Fluid collection

Winner of formulation, MakeUp in Los Angeles IT Awards, for Formulation, Gotha Cosmetics with its Waterdrop Eye Stick “ The gel-based formula of this eyeshadow, developed in accordance with Sephora Clean standards (US standards), transforms upon application into a refreshing layer with spectacular optical effects. Its ultra-shimmering finish, purity, and colour intensity rely on a blend of pearlescent pigments made from glass and synthetic mica. With its high water content, it is infused with large-sized pearls that do not flake or fade throughout the day. The stick format is easy to use, suitable for both beginners and makeup professionals.” 

Gotha Cosmetics - Waterdrop Eye Stick

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Packaging offers technicity with ease of use and shine

The packaging section didn’t disappoint again.

Following the chromatic trend Element Beauty Group released clean metallisation for packaging. This means metallisation that uses fewer particles and does not render the packaging opaque which allows for full recycling. It offers an eco-friendly, recyclable metallised coating, for a sustainable and luxurious solution for beauty packaging with:

    • Resin-based spray primers and topcoats can be avoided on various substrates, including PET, SAN, and glass.
    • Eco-friendly, low-energy lasers can be utilised to create a wide range of print decorations.
Element Beauty Group

Texen won the packaging competition with its multi-intensity brush eye. The dual brush offers a brush at each end of its handle, one for eye makeup and the other with an angled shape for eyeliner. Its size and density are adjustable through a patented rotary mechanism inside the ferrule. Produced without harmful materials (such as ABS/POM/POK) and 100% customizable, it serves as a unique and comprehensive tool for eye makeup. 

Texen - Dual Brush

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Anisa International has developed a challenging design with synthetic fibres. The ARCH collection has five brushes for the complexion, cheeks, and eyes with a brush head in an arch shape specially designed for innovative light and buildable powder formulas. The brushes are made of synthetic fibres, and the handles can be crafted from materials such as FSC-certified wood and PCR.

CTKClip won a full-service award for its single-use, paper-thin formula that dissolves effortlessly in water and transforms into a creamy foam, enhancing the sensoriality and effectiveness of hand washing. It replaces water in cleansing foams, soaps, shower gels and shampoos for residue-free cleaning. It also reduces the polyvinyl alcohol content to 10%, which naturally reinforces the layer’s resistance. It is protected from moisture and light by individual biodegradable PET packaging manufactured without water. It was first released at MakeUp in NewYork where we saw it last year.

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