How AI is boosting innovation in the beauty world

Eva Lagarde

With the rapid evolution of AI technology following the extraordinary growth of AI bots, beauty companies are gearing up to use AI as a creation enabler for beauty packaging and formulas.

AI technology can be controversial, with the likes of ChatGPT, or Adobe AI taking the world by storm, scaring the replacement of content creators and graphic designers. It is no surprise that other applications are entering the sphere of product development.

AI is nowhere near ready to replace humans - as many fear -. Humans are still needed for intuition, trend interpretation, experience and skills. But when AI is used wisely it can support ideation in many businesses, and improve the development phase with more diverse ideas and quicker execution.

In our industry, the fragrance world has been talking about AI for quite some time with formulation-enabling technologies released by Symrise with Philyra or Firmenich, using years of ingredients-related data to boost creation.

" We are aggregating scientific and creative knowledge from all parts of Firmenich, then modelling this knowledge in ways that make it easy to share with our scientists, perfumers and flavorists – providing them with answers, options and new sources of inspiration," explains Firmenich.

AI and packaging

As an example, Element Beauty Group has equipped its designers, with Element AI software that can create designs faster and more economically due to the increased speed and efficiency it offers. " The power of Element AI lies in the speed in which it can analyze vast amounts of data, providing creative inspiration while offering unique design options." explains, David Pina, Director of Innovations at Element Beauty group.

These tools also allow an item to be placed in real-life situations, and tested in different versions or environments to ensure optimum design and attraction on the shelf or online, which allows expediting the ideation process. With an ever-evolving and pressured market, packaging & solutions providers can bring a smoother, and yet more complete creation journey for new designs and product launches.

“AI is bringing the next level of expertise to improve the conception and design of packaging,” says David Pina, Innovation Director at Element Beauty Group. “AI will never replace human interaction and human inputs, but it is a step further to ensuring that we will release the best products on the market.”

Integrating limitations related to retail space, sustainability or materials constraints, shape or manufacturing requirements into the AI system, will support the creation of the next best generation of beauty innovations.

AI and cosmetics formula

Another example is in the formulation space, the Good Face Project has just released a brand new tool called CARA. Comparable to a ChatGPT for cosmetic formulations, it speeds up the pace of innovation by guaranteeing fast, relevant and accurate information, while delivering an intuitive and ergonomic user experience.

The San Diego-based start-up, an expert in artificial intelligence for cosmetic ingredients, formulas and regulations will offer:

  • prototype skincare formulas with established benefits, proven claims and regulatory compliance for a given area
  • draw up an exhaustive list of similar cosmetic formulas for a given skincare product
  • list alternatives for a given formula or ingredient
  • regulatory compliance of a formula against a specific zone, country or distributor

The intuitive AI tool is able to answer specific questions with extreme precision and relevance thanks to a wealth of data gathered from the industry:

  • more than 7 million molecules were referenced, with continuous updates and reports of controversies by zone
  • more than 200,000 integrated cosmetic care formulas
  • regulations of both countries and major distributors
  • consumer feedback is taken into account

AI is about the revolutionise the way we work. In a generation where we are all running after time, and the lack thereof, AI will most probably support the creative process in the beauty space, allowing for more perceptive, effective and original ideas thanks to the space given to creative thinking by suggesting preconceived and approved concepts.