Key trends from refillable cosmetics to anhydrous formulas...
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Key trends from refillable cosmetics to anhydrous formulas...

Eva Lagarde

What are the current trends to make your beauty products more sustainable and how can you truly engage with consumers.

We'll take you first to the definition of sustainable beauty, so we make it clear, what sustainability in beauty stands for. Then we'll demonstrate the trend giving you current market examples, and bring you to the conclusion of what to look for in beauty and sustainability.

How do we define sustainable beauty

The common definition of sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Sustainable beauty considers the design of any item with its impact on humans (workers, customers, suppliers, communities), on the planet (fauna, and flora), and on the profit taken or generated.

The impact must be measured in a 360° / circular approach from the extraction, to manufacturing, to the usage and to the destruction or the restoration.

But it’s not enough to be sustainable. What do your brands stands FOR. What is the PURPOSE of your business.

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